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Every corporation passes through various cycles –

we help you to seize the maximum from each one of them.

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From continuous productivity improvement towards operational turn-arounds – OPPIDA creates lasting and measurable impact on your P&L

A structured and honest analysis directly on the pulse of operational value creation. This delivers a joint problem understanding with our client teams – sometimes an uncomfortable truth. Immediately after analysis, we are ready to fit our tools to your business needs. Validation during first implementation tests start early in production, procurement, sales and logistics. Our mixed teams of client and senior consulting experts commit to measurable efficiency targets. The OPPIDA management system provides the platform for tracking effects on P&L from week one. For lasting turn-arounds we deploy our approved three-step approach:

  • Build Trust
  • Secure Assets
  • Change Behaviour

Meet the founder for a personal introduction.    Contact us   Our partners & clients expressed their distinctive appreciation for the following EFFICIENCY CRAFTSMANSHIP:

Process Reengineering Order2Cash, Procure2Pay, Supply chain audits

Personnel capacity optimization for operative and support functions

Mobilization of sales teams, portfolio profitability optimization

Operative turn-around during voluntary insolvency or composition proceedings

Operative stabilization during carve-out, outsourcing & staggered acquisition



Design Thinking as DNA for innovation – OPPIDA drives innovation as core competency for your agile business model

Traditional values and fresh growth. Resilience and reset. Old and new thinking. For OPPIDA that are natural sources for innovation. Complex tasks with many stakeholders and ambitious due dates. Yes we can! OPPIDA innovation teams are cross-discipline tribes of mock-up designers, facilitation masters and IT & industry experts.   Our partners expressed their distinctive appreciation for the following INNOVATION WORKBENCHES:

Structured design-workshops for complex decision making with many stakeholders and ambitious due dates

Design Sprints, customer journeys & early validation, „Hot-Housing“

Vision engineering & business model canvas

Innovation as core competency for agile organizations



LEADBACKER™ is your smart, digital edge for enabling effective leadership behavior

The business of business is people. And everyone has a blind spot. Because we don’t know what we don’t know. Leadership is complex by nature, and effective leadership is more important than ever before. Feedback for leaders helps them to become effective. However, feedback merges two opposing human needs: the need for development and the need for being accepted as we are.   Our partners expressed their distinctive appreciation for the following LEADBACKER-Applications:

Effective leadership & behavioral improvement for the „business of business“

Identification of your individual „blind spots”

Feedback in real time, whenever and wherever you need it

AI-based software, customized for your HR-office


Innovation in Vienna

Packaging in the USA

Gas in Austria

Retail in Germany

FMCG in Germany

Energy in Germany

Steel in Ukraine

Telecoms in Finland

Wholesale in Slovenia

Insurance in Ukraine


„Norbert is a hands on doer, a consequent driver & mobilizer of people and a disciplined implementer who saved us time and money during our efficiency program.”

CEO, Energy Distribution

“Before we didn’t know what saving potentials were hidden in our organization – after the project we finally have a disciplined process! My favorite results are visible on each workstation.”

Owner & CEO, steel manufacturer


“The innovative method of the project combined with a disciplined and structured implementation helped us to slash time-to-market by 50%!”

CTO, Building Automation

“Also AI has a business challenge which we could address inspiringly with over sixty curious leaders from all over the planet during a well facilitated design sprint”

AI, Impact Hub, Bangalore


“We appreciate the feature to reach out for timely feedback – the software is a true backer for our leaders in changing and challenging times! Personally, I favor the concise and brief journey which is entertaining, too!”

Head of HR Development, IT Service Provider

“Norbert has the ability to solve complex challenges with our supervisors in a very simple way. He created a trustworthy work environment which helped us to quickly direct our attention into execution“.

CTO, Energy Distribution


Oppida have been the first pan-european urban hilltop sites, fortified by the Romans. Today’s cities such as Zurich were built on such a site. The challenge to sustain and grow lead to evidence for radical change in oppida with focus on commercial & cultural development and resource sustainability. Oppida are a metaphor for today’s agile organizations & stands for centers of trade, tradition, innovation & development. The three-torque wheel is a symbol for continued transition, innovation and resilience.


We work individually or you can book an entire team of cross-functional experts OPPIDA workbenches are available for our clients in Vienna, Berlin, Stuttgart & Kiev

Productivity driver

Innovation driver & design sprinter

Organization developer & Change partner

  • Manuel Koch

Leadbacker & Research fellow

Entrepreneur & enabler of digital businss

  • Natali Maksymenko

Scrum manager & digital business manager

Sales Office Austria

  • Sandro Steurer

Leadbacker & Research fellow

Entrepreneur & leadership expert

Entrepreneur & enabler of AI-based business models

Meet the founder, he is on a mission

“My mission is to lead organizations through difficult cycles. One major success lever is to mobilize and guide corporate leaders in their individual change process.” Dr. Norbert Hoelzl, Austrian, is an educated engineer and master of business administration, a certified ski mountain guide and adjunct lecturer for change management.

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As change guide and entrepreneur he is driving his clients’ organizations to better margins and mobilizing their supervisors to become more effective leaders. When Norbert is not on corporate assignments, you can find him learning from his kids or exploring the best ski downhills from snow-covered summits in Europe and North America. Key characteristics & workstyle

  • Hands on source of energy
  • Consequent driver & mobilizer
  • Disciplined implementer
  • Careful listener
  • Trusted guide


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